Metal Roof Restoration

Transformation Church, South Carolina

Two-tier standing seam metal roof


The 20,000-square foot Transformation Church building was experiencing leaks on their metal roof from day one of the original installation.  The installing contractor stood by his workmanship and tried to rectify the issues by chasing leaks over and over again with limited success.

With the addition of a second roof section (15,000 square feet) the problems were compounded and the facilities crew began to get frustrated with the continued leaks. 


It was determined that the only way to completely correct the issues was to install a mono-lithic and seamless roof coating restoration.  This would void the original warranty, but would carry a Labor and Material warranty through ALDO products once completed. 

Transformation’s facility management team turned to a new roofing contractor for solutions to the roof’s ongoing leaks at various field laps and expansion joints in addition to help with overflowing drains and gutters. The roofing firm, an Approved ALDOCOAT Applicator, recommended a complete restoration project utilizing the ALDOCOAT Metal Roof Restoration System, an ENERGY STAR® rated system, employing the following products:

ALDOPRIME 710 (optional and not necessary for this restoration) – a rust inhibitive primer that will stop rust from continuing to deteriorate the roof while providing wonderful adhesion for base coat. 

ALDOPRIME 750 – a water based sealant for roof penetrations, seams and fasteners

ALDOCOAT 374 –  a high-solids, fire retardant, acrylic base coat for waterproofing

ALDOCOAT 400 -  an advanced acrylic and reflective roof coating with Miami Dade and Florida Building Code Approval




IMG_1717_preview Sometimes it is time for transformation
IMG_1710_preview Sometimes it is time for transformation
IMG_2496_preview Sometimes it is time for transformation
IMG_2490_preview Sometimes it is time for transformation


As noted in this video, Transformation Church’s two-tier roof system was itself transformed into a sparking new system with its leaks and drainage issues fully addressed.  The new roof’s bright white cool roof solution has reduced heat transmission into the facility in addition to resolving the leaks and drainage issues as evidenced by the roof’s ability to withstand heavy rain and snow storms this past year.