Options for leaking EPDM Roof Repair

Over 1 billion feet of EPDM membrane have been put down worldwide; that being the case, odds are if you manage (or own) multiple buildings you will encounter this rubber system. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is an extremely durable synthetic rubber system that has proven to be a wonderful roofing solution but like anything else, it will wear and weather.EPDM-in-process-copy-300x225 Options for leaking EPDM Roof Repair

Ultimately, we encourage a full coating system to turn the black EPDM roof bright white –  thus reducing the heat transference in your building and the Urban Heat island effect. That said, we know budgets don’t always allow for full restoration as a viable option, so preventative maintenance and repair are of the upmost importance. 

Like all roof systems, EPDM roofs age and require maintenance and repair over time. Lack of regular preventative maintenance and neglect can create issues in your roofing system that may require invasive repair. For instance, seam failures left untreated can be troublesome by allowing moisture into the membrane causing the insulation to become saturated.  Once water has penetrated the system it has two options to escape; either through the inside of the building or evaporating and trying to escape outward, getting trapped and creating a blister.  Untreated blistering can rupture and create larger areas for moisture to invade.

Repair of failing seams and leaks around penetration points can be accomplished by application of highly reliable elastomeric roof coatings. Because we are dealing with a flat roof system we would recommend completing these repairs with a solvent-based product from our Urethane or Silicone product line. ALDOCOAT 384 Polyurethane Aluminum or ALDOCOAT 397, a highly durable Silicone coating are great for fields and seems, while ALDOSEAL 385 and ALDOSEAL 399 are both flashing grade products ideal for parapet walls or other vertical surfaces.

Be it repair, replacement or restoration of your roof, we strongly encourage building owners and facility managers to EPDM-Complete-300x169 Options for leaking EPDM Roof Repairhave a knowledgeable roofing contractor or consultant advise them in determination of the best course of action.

Restoration projects allow the building owner to extend the life of the roof by 10 years with the possibility of a renewal application at that time. Restoration allows the owner to achieve cost savings of 50-70% on average compared to the option of roof replacement. The ALDOCOAT EPDM Restoration System is ideal for restoration of almost EPDM roof, providing an Energy Star, CRRC rated and Miami Dade approved application.