Here at Aldo Coatings, we like to say a roof coating is like a good sunscreen. Just like sunscreen protects your skin, the roof coatings protect your roof and restore it.

This is exactly how Josh explained roof coating while he spoke with the Dunstan Group and BrandBuilders Podcast about the work we do and the importance of roof coatings in one of their most recent episodes.

josh-aldo-1-800x400-300x300 Aldo Coatings talks Roof Coating on BrandBuilders PodcastThe 30-minute episode is a great listen for your commute to work, while you’re getting ready for the day, when you’re on a roof spreading a coating or while you’re working out. We were so honored they asked us to be on it and had a blast talking with the guys about our industry.

On it we were able to speak about how Aldo Coatings got its start, what we do, why a roof coating can make sense for a business and we even share a few horror stories we’ve run into during our years in the industry.