Roof coating systems have changed the roofing game for good. Why? They give a building owner options. There are other, and oftentimes better, solutions to a worn down or leaky roof. 

How long does acrylic roof coating last, normally? The average lifespan of acrylic roof coatings is between 10 and 20 years, while a traditional flat roof lasts between 15 and 20 years. Depending on the circumstances, such as how thickly the coating was applied and how well it’s been maintained, it can last even longer than that 20-year mark. 

When the original roof surface and roof coatings work as a team, you can extend the roof lifespan by decades. Coatings are installed on top of the traditional roof, oftentimes toward the end of its life, or when faults can no longer be ignored. Once the first round of acrylic roof coating has run its course, you may be able to apply a second round of coatings and buy 10 – 20 more years before doing a complete roof replacement. 

The most significant appeal to acrylic coatings is they can be installed for a fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement. Would you make a small investment for your roof to last 20+ more years? That’s an easy “yes.”

Making Your Acrylic Roof Coating Last 

There are a few things you can prioritize for a better chance at reaching that 20-year mark. First, if you are overseeing how the acrylic coating is applied, ensure you perform ample research and work with a reputable and experienced roofing contractor. Not all roofing companies use coatings regularly — and you don’t want an inexperienced team cutting corners. If the coating has already been installed, this step does not apply. 

What you can do, though, is schedule regular and thorough maintenance with a roofing contractor you trust. Annual inspections are a great cadence, but you should also have the roof inspected after major storms, especially if hail was involved. You can expect a maintenance visit to consist of a visual inspection, with the contractor searching for damage and assessing the rainwater runoff path. Water needs to continue to flow properly from the roof to the gutters or drains and move away from the roof substrates and building. 

More Information Acrylic Roof Coatings

Acrylic coatings are UV-resistant and reflect light, keeping your building cooler and helping save money on energy costs due to reduced energy usage. Plus, they’re known to easily adhere to the roofing substrate. The downside is, acrylic coatings don’t do well with ponding water. Acrylic coatings are best used on sloped roofs instead of flat roofs. For flat commercial roofs, silicone roof coatings are a great option. Aldo Coatings offers elastomeric roof coating, as well.

At some point, after 10 – 20 years, your roof will need addressed again. Normally, coating has a 10-year warranty when applied at a 20-mil thickness and an 18-year warranty when applied at a 30-mil thickness. When you reach your warranty point, or the roof begins to wear down, your trusted roofing contractor can help you move forward. You may be able to apply a second round of acrylic coating and plan for a roof replacement down the road. Or it might be time to replace the roof. If that’s the case, take comfort in your roof coatings knowledge and use it to your advantage.