If your building has a metal roof, you’re likely aware of the weaknesses it can have. Metal is a durable and long-lasting roofing material, but the natural expansion and contraction can result in leaks. That’s where roof coatings swoop in to save the day. Instead of replacing your aging metal roof, you can apply a roof coating to extend its lifespan by 10 – 20 years — and do so for a fraction of the cost. Coatings prevent the metal roof from weakening further and act as a protective barrier against the elements. 

So, let’s say you’ve decided to coat your roof. Now comes the million-dollar question — what is the best metal roof coating? Most people will say rubber or acrylic. While rubber coating has great elongation and tensile strength, and is safer to walk on due to its texture, it’s not the only option. Acrylic and bitumen coatings are also effective types of coating. 

No matter which coating you choose, though, you want to make sure they have a few vital characteristics. For metal roofs, corrosion resistance is the No. 1 priority. This is especially important with metal roof surfaces because they are more susceptible to corrosion than any other type of roof. Another characteristic of metal roofs is that they expand and contract generously with the swing in temperatures, so the coating material must be able to match that flexibility. The coating should also have a watertight seal, UV protection, impact resistance and good adhesion. Doing ample research before you begin will ensure the coating protects your metal roof for as long as possible.

Rubber coating

Metal roofs more than any other type of roof experience extensive corrosion over the years, making corrosion-resistance one of the most important aspects of a metal roof coating. Rubber coating not only resists weather events that lead to corrosion, but also keeps buildings cooler, waterproofs the roof surface and is available in 11 standard color options, plus custom coloring. 

Rainy climates greatly benefit from the suburb moisture resistance of rubber coatings. Ponding water is not an issue, as rubber coatings (also known as SEBS thermoplastic coatings) are entirely waterproof and don’t allow any penetration. 

Our rubber-based metal roof restoration system includes ALDOBASE 913 and ALDOCOAT 914. The best results are obtained when these two products are used together, as the base coat has built-in rust inhibitors and the top coat is essential to achieving long-term ultraviolet protection. 

Acrylic coating

Temperatures on and around metal roofs fluctuate dramatically, resulting in seams opening and fasteners backing out. Our acrylic roofing system reduces that expansion and contraction by lowering the temperature on the roof by up to 50%. This, alongside the highly reflective properties of the coating, allows the building to stay cooler on the inside and in turn, lowers the building’s cooling costs. 

Standing seam metal roofs and the more common R-panel types of metal roofs are great candidates for the acrylic coatings we recommend. The ALDOCOAT acrylic roof restoration system is water-based, ENERGY STAR® approved and will extend the life of the roof by 10 or more years — and the roof may be able to be recoated at that time to extend its life even further. 

The ALDOCOAT system will result in a leak-free building, plus, pass along reduced energy costs and tax benefits. We’ve been manufacturing this premium system for over 35 years and have seen amazing results along the way. Here’s what our acrylic roof restoration system includes: 

ALDOPRIME 710 — A primer outfitted with extra corrosion protection, ideal for lightly corroded metal roofs. 

ALDOPRIME 750 — A sealant designed to seal roof penetrations, seams and fasteners. 

ALDOCOAT 374 — An acrylic coating that’s specifically formulated for waterproofing.

ALDOCOAT 400 — One of the most advanced acrylic coating formulations on the market. 

Adding rubber or acrylic coatings to your metal roof can protect it from ponding water, harmful UV rays, corrosion and more. If you want to know more about what is the best metal roof coating for your unique situation, contact our team. We can answer your questions and connect you with an experienced contractor in your area to kick off your project.