Before:Screen-Shot-2019-09-19-at-3.47.36-PM Aldo Coatings Redesign

Screen-Shot-2019-09-19-at-3.47.16-PM Aldo Coatings Redesign


To meet our core values and industry standards, we decided it was time to change the look of our products.

Our product redesign won’t affect the quality of the products we provide but will instead, help align them with who we are as a company.

Not only do our products work well, but now they will have an out of this world appearance to match. In addition to a new redesign, we have switched to a GHS Weather Resistant paper to withstand the elements. We understand just how sturdy our products need to be to best serve you.

We’re excited to roll out our new designs and look forward to any feedback you may have. Reach out to us if you have any suggestions.