roofersbest Aldo Coatings' Core Values

Can I let you in on a company secret? Do you want to get inside our four walls to understand why Aldo Coatings has had 40 years of business success and positioned to excel in the market for the next 40 years?

standards Aldo Coatings' Core Values

We are built on values. It is that simple. From the early days of our incorporation Kannapolis, NC to now in our new facility in Salisbury, NC… there are unifying beliefs at the core of the company that have driven every decision, and action to establish our identity.

Our core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect where Aldo is and where we will be in the coming years. As many companies know, they are the essence of the identity – the principles, philosophy, and mission all in one.

While internally our Core Values are the cornerstone to our business success, it isn’t without our external communications and process of relating to our customers. The importance of taking our Core Values a step further and documenting our proven process.

With every new contractor and every new project, these pieces of our puzzle are what drives success at every turn. The continuity of the ring signifies that our process is ongoing with each piece playing a vital part in the chain.

step1 Aldo Coatings' Core Values

Identify the Need

For any relationship to work, there has to be a need for our services. This could be a contractor that needs products for repair or restoration work or a building owner that is frustrated with the overwhelming price of a re-roofing project.

step2 Aldo Coatings' Core Values

Aligning our Values

As mentioned above, values drive everything. We don’t only want to do business, we want to do business with people that share some of our same values and beliefs. If there is a chasm in our values and those of whom we may do business with there is a greater opportunity for problems down the road.

step3 Aldo Coatings' Core Values

Set Mutual Expectations

Whether a contractor or building owner we want to make sure that at the end of the day all parties are walking away with the same expected end results. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to meet the expectation set forth, but before we can do that we have to make sure that all parties are working to achieve the same desired result. It does not help if there are multiple expectations and efforts aren’t focused in the same direction.

step4 Aldo Coatings' Core Values

Pathway to Approved Applicator

As a manufacturing company, we are only as good as our contracting partners. Our desire is NOT to simply sell buckets of material. If that was the case, our distribution model would not be direct to contractor. We take great pride in our Approved Applicators and understand that the workmanship of those select contractors will aid us in our mission of supplying the best roofing products, applied in the correct application to add life to an aging roof.

step5 Aldo Coatings' Core Values

Going Above and Beyond

What differentiates your company? Is it price, quality, value? All of those are worthy attributes and important to success, but for Aldo Coatings our ability to service our Applicators and clients are what helps us differentiate us from the pack. You will always get a live person on the phone and we will make every effort to get you the answers/solutions you need to be successful in your business. Sometimes we do this at our expense, but in the end, a win-win is the only solution if we are going to continue our success.