iStock-177299708 Financial Advantages of Roof Coatings

As early as Monday another large commercial roofing company has announced an acquisition to strengthen their presence in the Spray Polyurethane Foam and Liquid Applied Roofing (LAR) market (link).  With Carlisle purchasing Accella, this marks the third acquisition of size in our industry; the GAF purchase of Quest Construction (link) was first and then Firestone’s buyout of Gaco Western (link). What we see happening is a small shift in the market because replacing a roof isn’t the go-to solution anymore.  As new technologies continue to advance, “traditional” methods aren’t the only option, and the big manufacturers are recognizing that shift by getting into the coatings game while the segment continues its growth trend. 

Roof coating solutions make replacing your old roof a thing of the past, because now there is a solution to problem roofs that is beneficial all the way around.  Performance history has proven the worth, and because there are numerous economic advantages of roof restoration compared to roof replacement, they are a fiscally responsible option too. 

The advantages are quantifiable and can make a significant impact on the bottom line. The property may be more valuable once the roof is repaired, but as long as the old roof has not been replaced or substituted with new insulation and roofing, repairs qualify as a current expense. This is a drastic difference from having to depreciate a portion of the cost over the course of several years as with tear-offs. 

Other major benefits of roof coating restoration to a traditional re-roof include, but aren’t limited to;

  • A cost savings of 50 - 70% can commonly be found when comparing restoration to replacement, allowing organizations to defer significant costs while realizing a solution that will last 10+ years with the potential for a renewal application.
  • Liquid applied systems can be accomplished without the disruption of business operations, while a typical replacement project would require a tear off that could lead to lost revenues and transition costs associated with facility closure. Inconveniences can result in lost customers, or a decrease in production, both of which are results that we want to avoid at all costs.
  • Reflective "cool roof" applications enable many organizations to realize reduced energy costs during peak summer months. These savings can be very significant over time, and the reduction of roof surface temperatures tends to make building spaces more comfortable. Temperature reduction also decreases the stress on the roof caused by sunlight and intense heat. The reflective coating can accomplish a reduction of roof surface temperatures from 180° Fahrenheit to less than 100° during hot summer months.

A lot of contractors don't specialize in roof coatings, because they would opt to sell membrane alternatives and use warranty as the lead pitch. In reality, now that the “big boys” have decided to buy in, this will probably change to some degree because coatings offer a restoration solution that will come with a competitive warranty, and more importantly one that will be less of a burden on a budget that may not have been prepared to take on the cost of a full roofing project.

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