Have you read your warranty?  I mean, REALLY read your warranty document?  Odds are somewhere in that piece of paper there is some iteration of the following;

“[XYZ Manufacturing] shall not be responsible for repairs made by others who are not authorized to make such repairs. Failure to perform documented annual roof maintenance may also be grounds for voiding warranty. Unauthorized repairs may also void the warranty; the decision to void warranty under any of these circumstances is made solely at the discretion of [XYZ Manufacturing].”

We have started to see manufacturing companies using warranty terms as a leading sales tool, and as unsettling as that is, it is important that you understand what exactly you are covered for and what you need to do to maintain that warranty term.  A 20-year warranty isn’t going to benefit you, or your roof, if you allow the term to be voided after the first couple of years because of neglect.  As the above statement reads, it is the sole discretion of the manufacturer on what is deemed a void of warranty; with that discretion out of your hands wouldn’t it be wise to protect your investment and schedule annual or bi-annual maintenance?

We think so too… As a matter of fact, we encourage it and assist our select group of Aldo Approved Applicators in educating our building owners in the options available for annual maintenance.  Just like your HVAC, the oil in your car, and your teeth; your roof needs to be looked at once (if not twice) a year.

When formulating a preventative maintenance program, we suggest you keep the following in mind to discuss with your roofing contractor.  Most companies will include a report with their annual (or bi-annual) inspection, this should be kept for your records.  Obviously, any issues should be repaired with an approved product.

  • Walk the entire roof to find storm damage and remove all debris.
  • Inspection and cleaning of roof drains, scuppers and gutters to insure proper drainage is maintained.
  • Inspection of all expansion joints, parapet walls, counter flashing and seams and repair any cracks or breaches.
  • Check all HVAC stands and structures for cracks in flashings or between any crickets.
  • Inspection of all pipe penetrations.
  • Inspection of all coping and metal edge areas.
  • Inspection of the field and perimeter of any fiberglass skylights.
  • Annual cleaning of roof by light pressure washing to maximize cleanliness and reflectivity.  (Use caution not to damage system.)

Never forget that presumption is the opposite of prevention, just because your roof is out of sight, doesn’t mean it should be out of mind.

Thank you for your support of Aldo Coatings and please let us know if you have any questions about specific projects and products that may address your needs,



Bob Brenk

Vice President of Sales

Aldo Coatings