Hi, Bob with Aldo Coatings here today with Josh to talk about a very important consideration. Josh, when you’re with a contractor and he needs to know how much coating to order, what are the important questions we need to answer?

Josh: Well, Bob, the first thing I’m going to need to know is what the existing roof system or substrate is. For example, let’s take EPDM, which is a black, rubber roof.

Bob: Okay, what coatings from Aldo do we use on EPDM?

Josh: Well, we have a couple of different options, but for arguments sake let’s talk about our most popular option. To address the detail work, we’re going to do all the seams and penetrations with our ALDOSEAL 385 Polyurethane Sealant.

Bob: Exactly. How about the field of the roof, Josh?

Josh: For the field, the first thing I’m going to need to know is the square footage. It’s the most important part of determining the amount of coating. On an EPDM roof, the base coat will involve our ALDOCOAT 384 Polyurethane, which is a sealed component coating, and we put that down at a coverage rate of 1.5 gallons for every 100 square feet.

Bob: How about the finish coat?

Josh: Well, the finish coat will also be a single component coating, and that’s our ALDOCOAT 395 Silicone, which is a low solid, solvent-based silicone. We put that down at a rate of 1.5 gallons for every 100 square feet also. This entire system will result in a bright white, highly reflective coating that will be leak-free and good for at least 10 years, maybe longer.

Bob: There we have it: what is the substrate to be coated and the square footage. Once we have this information, we can guide the contractor in determining what products, and exactly how much of each, he needs to order for any given project.