411213_357151701003232_393470004_o Industry News Round-Up: September 2018

Sustainable Roofing Systems: 

RoofCARE in New Mexico is using sustainable approaches to repair roofs rather than replacing them. According to the article, many contractors replace roofs that don’t necessarily need it simply because they see leaking, material degradation and lack of maintenance. RoofCARE offers other solutions that are typically more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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Roofing Systems that Withstand Extreme Weather: 

The new Brookside Intermediate School in Portugal Cove-St. Phillips, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada is a $24 million, two-story structure serving students in grades five through nine. The durability and sustainability of the roof and wall systems were crucial considerations as the building would need to perform in extreme weather conditions common in this area of Canada.

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1491306645-basf Industry News Round-Up: September 2018

BASF Increases Prices in Europe by 10-12 Percent

Some major news over in Europe: With immediate effect, BASF is increasing prices for its polycarboxylate ether based polymers for concrete admixtures in Europe (Melflux brand) by 10-12 percent. Despite this, contractual agreements with customers are being kept.

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