Labor Day has come and gone and for many parts of the country, even though it may not feel like it now, the temperatures are about to drop. Soon it will be too cold to consider significant roofing projects.  Couple the change in climate with the need to use up fiscal budgets before the year end and you get that mad dash to get roofing projects done before they must be put off until next year, or maybe later.  

The graphic attached is a great indicator of the seasonality for roof coatings in the United States, specifically for acrylic (water-based) coatings that will freeze.  Because we compound all chemistries (silicone, polyurethane and butyl thermoplastic, in addition to acrylic) we offer more options than other manufacturers during the seasonal shift. With us you have the ability to use solvent-based products that offer a wider window of application in the cooler months.  

As a manufacturer we understand the needs are escalated during this season. Increased production on our end is necessary, and a little proactive communication from the field helps us all plan accordingly.   

As always, we’re here to help you with all your needs. Head to our website to contact us today with any questions or requests.