180degree Roof Coating Leads to Increased ProductivityIn the middle of summer a metal roof can get in upwards of 180 degrees on the surface; that is only 32 degrees colder than the boiling point of water. In case you are curious… that is HOT! And if a metal roof surface is that hot, imagine what it is doing to the interior of your building.

Now, imagine you are in charge of a 200,000 square foot metal fabrication plant in the northern suburbs of Atlanta with vents and fans in the main production area but NO air conditioning. Your employees seem OK, because you don’t know any better, but you are starting to experience several leaks on your aging roof. What do you do?

Luckily for this building owner he found Aldo and one of our Approved Applicators installed our Acrylic Coating system with a 10-year warranty. The leaks were addressed and the building was made dry and leak-free for the first time in a few years, but that is only part of the story.

6-8temp Roof Coating Leads to Increased ProductivityWhat the plant manager didn’t expect was for the productivity and morale of the employees to improve. The interior temperature of the building dropped 6-8 degrees in the hot Georgia summertime and because of that ambient temperature change, attendance improved. Once employees were there and happier, productivity of the business improved by high single digits.

Using a roof restoration system can mean a faster fix for your roof with no business delays or shutdowns. Roofing replacements can be inevitable in some situations, but often a restoration system can give you another 10 or more years before you reach that point.

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