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I want to highlight why silicone is an effective liquid applied coating material for repair and restoration, but I do not want to make it seem that Silicone is the ONLY option.   I want to highlight the benefits, and in turn dismiss the perceived drawbacks, while also offering some education on silicone without offending the devout Acrylic applicators.  Lastly, I want to stress the importance of hiring a trained professional when completing any work on your roof.

Can I do that?

As you should know we are a full line manufacturer, meaning we make and sell all chemistries of roof coating products.  Because of this fact we are in a unique position to discuss the available products in an unbiased manner to offer the best solution for the situation we are facing.  I believe this is an important fact that shouldn’t be understated.

That said, Silicone coating spray may be the most universal coating product on the market today and because of that it is becoming the coating of choice for many roofing contractors and facility managers.  The benefits of silicone are undeniable;

  • Durable
  • UV stable
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compound or harshness on the environment)
  • Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including metal, single-ply membrane, and spray polyurethane foam
  • Ability to withstand ponding water

The three biggest drawbacks to silicones are only silicone will stick to silicone, it is EXTREMEMLY slippery when wet and because of its texture will pick up more dirt than acrylics (or urethanes).  All true and all valid points but not necessarily reason to dismiss the benefits, also why we still prefer acrylic over sloped metal.  But drawbacks don’t mean dismissal, just be aware of the application and be sure that you are willing to accept the capabilities of the product.

Lastly, and a point I can’t emphasize enough. Because of the application method of liquid applied roofing products there is a perception that any one can do it with success.  This couldn’t be further from the truth and most manufacturers have strict criteria that must be met to become an approved applicator.  (In fact, you won’t get a warranted system without that applicator approval.) So please, if there is ever a question reach out the proposed manufacturer for verification.  More often than not failures are caused by application and any manufacturer should be more than willing to offer recommendations for approved applicators to validate the ability of the work being completed.

For more on the battle of Silicone vs Acrylic please download the article Josh Dernosek submitted for the FRSA Magazine last summer.  (link here)

For more information on our silicone products please download our TDS for ALDOCOAT 395, ALDOCOAT 397 and ALDOSEAL 399.

Tis the season for trade shows and making the circuit

In the next month, we will begin the busy trade show season, starting close at home at the Carolinas Roofing and Sheet Metal Show and then going to IRE in New Orleans in early February.

We hope to see you at these events, and we look forward to working with you in 2018.



Bob Brenk


Aldo Coatings