the-economic-benefits-of-roof-coatings The Economic Benefits Of Roof Coatings

The Economic Benefits Of Roof Coatings

It’s any home or building owner’s nightmare to hear they need roof work done. The reason is simple: it can get very expensive very quickly.
A roof replacement can be terrifying for this reason. Most replacements cost between can be very costly and disruptive, resulting in business closures or relocation while work is being completed.

It’s easy to see why many put off roof maintenance until it’s necessary – which, of course, can only make things more expensive. Waiting until there are visible cracks or leaks in your roof will only increase the money you spend to fix it. This is why we suggest doing a yearly roof inspection – small repairs will cost you less in the moment and in the long run.

Of course, there’s a more cost-effective strategy for even the big projects: a roof rstoration rather than a roof replacement.
Roof restorations typically offer a savings of 50 – 70% compared to a replacement, and restorations will typically add 10+ years to your roof’s lifetime. This means businesses can fix major issues, keep their roof healthy for a longer life span and forgo closing their business for several weeks to accommodate a replacement.

Fluid applied systems in particular can restore without the disruption of business operations. A typical replacement project would require a tear off that could lead to lost revenues and transition costs associated with the facility closure. Inconveniences can result in lost customers or a decrease in production, both of which are results that we want to avoid at all costs.

Additionally, reflective “cool roof” applications have proven to reduce energy costs during peak summer months. These savings can be very significant over time, and the reduction of roof surface temperatures tends to make building spaces more comfortable. In fact, we have a blog post exploring that affect in a business who saw increased productivity after a roof restoration system was applied. Click here to read it.
Temperature reduction also decreases the stress on the roof caused by sunlight and intense heat. The reflective coating can reduce roof surface temperatures from 180° F to less than 100° F during hot summer months. By reducing this stress, you’ll reduce the future number of repairs needed.

There are a lot of economic advantages to doing a roof restoration over a roof replacement, but you should always consult with an Aldo Approved Applicator before making any final decisions. Every roof is different, so be sure you get the best solution for yours.