The Importance of Roof Maintenance Programs

As a roof coating manufacturer, we are in the business of compounding and selling products for service and restoration of commercial/industrial roofs.  By the very nature of this industry we have the opportunity to inspect a wide range of roofs with varying roofing systems.  Sometimes these roofs are in wonderful condition, while other times we find ourselves in a state of disbelief, with more questions than answers. 

Vegetation, rust, dirt, poor drainage, neglect from HVAC contractors (and the list could go on) are all major issues that cause damage to your roof; often unnoticed. Unmediated, all of the aforementioned issues can be a major expense and some studies suggest that more than 80% of roofs fail to realize their expected lives because of this. Sure, preventive maintenance is an added expense, but it also ensures that your roof functions as intended while not compromising its warranty.   

In addition to the obvious benefits of being proactive, a roof maintenance program shifts the responsibility of monitoring the roof from the facility manager to contractors who are trained to identify and resolve these issues.  

When formulating a preventative maintenance program, we suggest you keep the following points in mind to discuss with your roofing contractor.  Most companies will include a report with their annual (or bi-annual) inspection; this should be kept for your records.  Obviously, any issues should be repaired with an approved product.       

  • Walk the entire roof to find storm damage and remove all debris. 
  • Inspect and clean roof drains, scuppers and gutters to insure proper drainage is maintained.
  • Inspect all expansion joints, parapet walls, counter flashing and seams and repair any cracks or breaches. 
  • Check all HVAC stands and structures for cracks in flashings or between any crickets. 
  • Inspect all pipe penetrations.
  • Inspect all coping and metal edge areas.
  • Inspect the field and perimeter of any fiberglass skylights.
  • We recommend an annual cleaning of roof by light pressure washing to maximize cleanliness and reflectivity.  (Use caution not to damage system.)

It is very cliché, but we strongly believe that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”