Membrane Roof Repair and Restoration – Options Well Worth Investigating

The old adage ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ (while true) can be quite troublesome in the roofing business.  More often than not when a roof isn’t leaking, the belief is that everything is in working order.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case, and we have seen many industrial buildings throughout the country with membrane roofs that are beginning to show signs of deterioration because of a number of factors.  The stress caused by the sun’s UV rays, storm damage,  and acute ambient and roof surface temperature swings can lead to cracking on your TPO, PVC, or EPDM roof. Lack of regular roof maintenance may also lead to leaks and insulation board saturation.  

Depending upon the type of membrane and conditions, the roof system can be expected to last between 15 – 20 rooftype-epdm-membrane-300x225 Membrane Roof Repair and Restoration - Options Well Worth Investigatingyears, at which point you may have the option to apply an elastomeric roof coating system that is designed to prolong the life of your roof and get you back under warranty.  

Application of a roof coating system can result in savings of 50-70% when compared to the cost of roof replacement. Financial advantages also include tax benefits as well as energy cost savings realized with reflective cool roof coatings reducing heat transfer and thus cooling costs in peak seasons. In addition to these financial benefits, restoration allows facilities to remain in operation allowing you to preserve revenues and customer convenience. 

At Aldo, we produce several roof coatings ideally suited for repair and restoration of TPO, EPDM, PVC, Asphalt and Metal roof systems.  Our products and systems are tested and rated by outside parties including ENERGY STAR, FM Global, Miami-Dade, The Florida Building Code, and the Cool Roof Rating Council.