NEW-_RHH_System-50151-copy Versi-Foam line of portable kits by RHH Foam Systems added to Aldo product line

We are pleased to announce that Aldo Coatings has formed a strategic partnership to become a Southeast distributor for RHH Foam Systems and its product line of portable and disposable foam kits.  As we continue to grow our business, the partnership is an ideal fit for us during that progression in the Southeast. This strong partnership of companies with very similar cultures gives us the added benefit of another quality product line that can be of value to our team of contractors.

What does this mean for you? 

Have you ever experienced some level of frustration when faced with a roof repair because you aren’t able to seal penetrations, seal a fluted edge on a metal roof, fill pitch pockets, and repair an existing (blistered) foam roof?  Because of this addition to our coating and sealant product line, you will now have an easy solution.  The Versi-foam spray foam insulation kits are the easiest, portable and most convenient solution for roof repair and commercial or residential insulation projects.

Patented U Control Design

RHH Foam Systems, Inc. was founded in the early 80’s because Richard Heitzer recognized a need for a low-pressure portable and disposable spray foam kit. His patented U-Control gun design allows the user to control how much foam they were dispensing by how hard they pulled the trigger. The unique U-Control allows the user to regulate the quantity of foam being dispensed at a rate of approximately 6 pounds per minute down to a rate that you can write your name with it, thus eliminating the need of pulling a trailer foam rig up to a job site for a simple small repair.

We also continue to be a master distributor for BASF Foam in the Southeast as well, so we can handle all of your foam and coating needs, big or small.

For more information on the Versi-foam products please visit: